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Due to the varied nature of the topics covered here, arrangements tend to be quite flexible. Groups of three to seven students can determine where their main interest lie, and create their own curriculum. Due to the isolated location it is recommended that students stay at the Solar Ark; there are plenty of guest houses and -appartments, and the full immersion in the subject matter [e.g. a solar heated shower] makes learning faster and more fun. Most times of the year the Ark provides  an abundance of fruit, vegetables, greens, eggs and bee products to those who want to harvest.

Classes vary in length from three to ten days; please contact me for details. Work - exchange is also possible.

This is full-immersion study of geothermal energy at the nearby Chama River hot springs. Tough, but somebody needs to do it!!!

Costs per student range from $30 to $60 per day depending on class size. Obviously, greed is not a primary  factor in the pricing...

The above picture shows the process of making compressed earth blocks [adobe] bricks with a simple, lever-operated press

The hermitory [a dormitory for hermits] overlooks the Chama River Canyon